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Gemgeneve (6th Edition)

The sixth edition of GemGeneve will be held in Hall 1 at Palexpo from 11 to 14 May 2023. GemGeneve founders Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah are delighted to announce that the show will host 187 jewellery dealers from 20 countries. This is the highest number of professional dealers ever to be present at GemGeneve. In all, counting colleges, designers, laboratories and other cultural partners such as museums, the total number of exhibitors is expected to be over 210.

Once again, GemGeneve will be full of surprises and new discoveries, for both visitors and exhibitors. The show offers a panoramic journey to the heart of the world of jewellery with precious stones, rare and unique gems, pearls and ancient jewellery encompassing historic and modern creations.

As Ronny Totah explains: “GemGeneve will be taking over Hall 1 at Palexpo, with total exhibition space of over 13,000 sq m. Exhibitors will be arrayed around four coffee station areas, two main aisles and a lounge hosting exhibition spaces, projects, and after-work musical and literary events. Indeed, music will be very much a part of the event this year, thanks to a concept designed by our director Mathieu Dekeukelaire”.

As Thomas Faerber emphasises, “For this thoroughly redesigned spring edition, the setting will be firmly based on the theme of plants and organic life, welcoming visitors amid new tones characteristic of nature including beige, white, green and blue.”

In terms of participation, US exhibitors are still well ahead of the pack, accounting for a full quarter of the participants. Next come those from Switzerland, Hong Kong, Germany, Israel, Belgium, Thailand, India, and France, followed by firms from the UK, Italy, the UAE, Sri Lanka and Singapore, and Russia, Poland, Austria, Japan, Spain and China.


As Ronny Totah points out, “As we welcome more dealers to GemGeneve for this edition, we’ve also given careful thought to exhibition traffic. The challenge is to preserve the balance between our DNA – passing on our passion to emerging designers and schools, a diverse cultural programme, and the desire to remain a human-sized event - and the quality of exhibitors and merchandise on display, whilst making sure the visitor experience is as streamlined as possible.”

In all, 48 exhibitors will be taking part in GemGeneve for the sixth time, while it will the first time for more than 20 others. Newcomers include names such as Tom Munsteiner, Heinz Mayer, Emil Weiss Opals KG (Germany) and JS Fearnley (USA). Sim Gems Limited (Hong Kong), Hari Krishna Exports (India), Futurgem Srl (Italy), Ultraco SA (Switzerland), KGK Gems Limited (Thailand) are just a few others.

The 187 professional exhibitors from 20 different countries are the true ambassadors for the show, featuring plenty of diversity in human terms as well as in terms of the range of high-quality pieces that will be on show. Actors and full partners in a show conceived and designed with them in mind, together they offer an impressive variety of treasures to discover and acquire, ranging from affordable jewellery via rare and exceptional pieces to antique and historic gems and contemporary creations, not to mention diamonds, precious stones, pearls and more.

GemGeneve makes every effort to facilitate things for them when they arrive: the team can provide them with customised turnkey stands, paying particular attention to the lighting to enhance the items on display. Since May 2022, the team has offered the services of a high-end concierge in the person of Pierre-Paul Monnet, delighting exhibitors with his range of essential services,

Monnet, his pages and porters will take good care of exhibitors throughout the show, adding a “Luxury Hotel” touch to the services provided by the ‘GemGeneve Team’ as the staff at the exhibition like to be known.

Since 2018, GemGeneve has been committed to giving exhibitors the best experience possible in terms of welcome, comfort and hospitality. This success has continued ever since the first edition, much to the pride and joy of the organisers.

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