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FACETS Sri Lanka International Gem & Jewellery Show 2024

FACETS Sri Lanka 2024 - International Gem & Jewellery Show 06th to 08th January 2024 at Cinnamon Grand, Colombo.

FACETS 2024 continues the mission of presenting to the world, Sri Lanka’s unique and magnificent coloured gems and precious stones in all their lustrous wonder. In this edition of Asia’s premier Gem and Jewellery Exhibition, we trace the historic roots of our island’s gem & jewellery culture, journeying all the way back to the age of kings to highlight its influence and the evolution since. Sri Lanka is known world over as one of the finest sources of precious gem stones. This distinction is elevated furthermore thanks to the unmatched splendour they produce on jewellery. The intended impact of FACETS is to always deliver an explorative narrative on gems and jewellery, looking deep into the more emotive aspects of design as well as craft, as they have developed over time. Through such retrospective discovery, we hope to predict future vogues and thereby create a highly exclusive offering that will undoubtedly captivate a new generation of audiences. As the 30th edition of FACETS comes into being, we look forward to an era of growth that is uncompromisingly founded on a platform of sustainability; promoting fair trade and environmentally conscious best practices, to progress the Sri Lankan gem industry towards ambitious new heights.

FACETS 2024 will bring together onto a single platform, multiple stakeholders associated with the global gem and jewellery industry. High-profile trade buyers, gemstone and jewellery wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers as well as passionate collectors, representing both private interests and leading corporations will grace the event, holding a fervent eye for the best that is on offer.

Spread across three days, the FACETS exhibition will stage an immersive and intimate feature of a vast range of gems. It is our intent to shine the spotlight on the strengths of the offering and through them, allow connections to form between trade visitors and sellers. The business opportunities that are created as a result, will not only advantage the trading of gems, but also supplementary products and services critical for sustaining the industry.

The highlight of FACETS is always Sri Lanka’s precious gemstones. Sourced from the best mines, the range on offer includes the highly sought-after Sri Lankan Blue Sapphires, Multi-coloured Sapphires, Star Sapphires, Rubies, Cats-Eyes, Alexandrite as well as the famous Padparadscha. Other favourites such as Aquamarines, Moonstones, Topaz, Spinels, Garnets and Amethysts too will be part of what is promised to be a dizzying selection of more than 50 varieties of gems.

Each year, FACETS puts on show gems of exceptionally rare nature, which become the focus of attention among buyers who represent high-luxury brands and notable collections. For the 2024 edition we will be presenting the specially curated ‘Sapphire Masterpieces’ collection. A part of the recently launched Sapphire Sri Lanka campaign, it will boast our most exotic sapphires, definitive in their acclaim as the world’s geologically oldest and highest valued. Expect to see ‘masterpiece’ gems of unimaginable colour vividity and size, with some being over 100 carats each. Additionally, the FACETS rarities section will also display a wider assortment of unique gemstones, rough gemstones, calibrated gemstones and precision-cut gemstones, all of which are certain to leave you in awe.

True masterpieces crafted in Gold, White Gold and Silver, set with expertly cut gems and diamonds.

For buyers or collectors, FACETS is an amazingly comprehensive gem and jewellery showcase that brings you up-close with the very best Sri Lanka has on offer. The exhibition gives high emphasis to variety considering its international stature, promoting a vast choice of gems to the many diverse markets it caters to. The availability of virtually every quality grade and variation in appearance also suggest that buyers can be as selective as they want to be. A value proposition that stands on par with the highest international standards, FACETS continues to realize and present in dazzling form, a world-class gem-buying experience.

At the Sustainability Pavilion, we aim to provide visitors a holistic view of how the concept of sustainability has been integrated into Sri Lanka’s gem industry of today. Our most critical focus is on the sustainable sourcing of gems, with gradual progress being made to adopt environmentally-conscious mining practices, thereby minimizing ecological impacts. We will also be sharing stories of our community engagement initiatives, which directly tie in with aspects of fair trade and ethical manufacturing. The FACETS event itself is an example of sustainability-driven execution. From reuse of displays to reductions in material wastage and digitizing marketing efforts, we are continuously evolving the event to become a regional trendsetter: The entire value chain: mine to market and exhibition shifting to a platform of sustainability is possibly a first for a source country, an achievement the SLGJA and the entire gem industry of Sri Lanka is proud to share with the rest of the world



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