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Tairus Created Gems

An interview with Bangkok Gems & Jewellery Magazine

Mr. Benjamin Barshai, Managing Director of Tairus Created Gems

Please remind our readers about the company’s origins?

Tairus originally began as a Joint Venture between Pinky Trading Co., Ltd of Thailand, and the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1989. The first factory was funded by both partners, using highly advanced technology to grow various kinds of lab-created stones.

How has it changed today?

Due to high expenses and the market demand, Tairus Created Gems decided to solely focus on created emeralds in regular and colombian colors. Now, we are the leading producer and sellers of created emeralds in the world.

What is the mission?

to manufacture and supply sustainable, ethical, and high-quality gems which are affordable to all jewelry companies, thereby, emphasizing the importance of our future environment, surroundings and social responsibilities.

Why did you decide to open a factory in Thailand?

Thailand is a country with many opportunities and has a rich history in gems and jewelry. One of the largest jewelry hubs in all of Asia. During the economic boom in the late 1980’s, Mr. Walter Barshai saw an opportunity to use his connections from Russia and knowledge to create the company. About 12 years ago, due to internal conflicts in the Joint Venture, it fell apart and we built the new factory in Thailand with a sustainable approach.

How has the Lab-grown Diamond industry affected created emeralds?

The development of lab-grown diamonds in the market is having a positive impact on our lab-grown (created) emeralds. With major investments in lab-grown diamonds, consumers are recognizing the potential of these stones; with regulated productions and a sustainable direction, created gems around the world are currently trending. I recommend watching the documentary “Nothing Lasts Forever” on Netflix to form your own opinion on the current lab-grown diamond vs natural diamond controversy.

How does the war in Ukraine impact your business?

This questionable war has affected the entire world. All our major customers had us sign documents, stating that we do not produce our stones in Russia. In other words, to verify that we do not support the war. We had a small research & development facility in Russia, that was immediately shut down to comply with these sanctions.

What are the future plans? We have been operating to our maximum capacity for almost two years now. Due to the high demand for colombian color created emeralds, I can predict that the demand will only increase; so, we have been gradually structuring our production towards this direction. This is for the immediate future. We hope to see a decrease in price for colombian color emeralds in the future.

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