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Spreading the Importance of ICA

– an Exclusive Interview with Ms. Ashoo Sinchawla,
ICA Ambassador to Thailand

Thailand has the second most number of members after the United States in ICA and hence it becomes very important to have someone from the local gemstone community as a face of ICA.”The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA), a non-profit entity, stands as the solitary global organization designed expressly for the enrichment of the worldwide colored gemstone sector. Established in 1984, the ICA now encompasses over 500 industry leaders spanning the entire gemstone value chain, from mining to retailing. This includes miners, gem cutters, suppliers, retailers, trade groups, gemological labs, educational institutions, museums, and more, hailing from 47 nations, all committed to enhancing and spreading the understanding and admiration of coloured gemstones. The ICA’s international network is designed to cultivate a unified promotional language and establish reliable business norms crucial for improving global dialogue and the trade of coloured gemstones. Over its history, the ICA has consistently offered direct access to sources of colored gemstones and pertinent information. With a membership spread across over 47 nations, the ICA works tirelessly to maintain the involvement and connectivity of its global community. Country Ambassadors are pivotal to the association and form the heart of the ICA’s global representation. Each Ambassador serves as a leader not just within their own nation but also within the broader international gemstone community. They foster enhanced communication channels between members, the press, and trade-related entities. In this exclusive interview, Ms. Ashoo Sinchawla, ICA Ambassador to Thailand since 2023 and director of Sant Enterprises Co Ltd, sheds light on her role within the ICA.

What are the roles of ICA country ambassadors? What is the difference between the roles of ICA country directors and country ambassadors? Sinchawla: ICA country ambassadors' main roles are to spread the importance of ICA among the local gemstone industry, hold events for ICA for the members in the country, communicate with members about upcoming events, and bring new members into the fold. ICA Directors on the other hand play an active part in running the association along with getting new policies, events, and activities for ICA organized.

ICA has members in 47 nations, however, not every country has an ICA Ambassador. Why does Thailand need one? Sinchawla: Thailand has the second most number of members after the United States in ICA and hence it becomes very important to have someone from the local gemstone community as a face of ICA. With amount of events and activities that we do among ourselves is also important to have someone to oversee everything and that's where the role of ICA Ambassador comes into play. What are your initiatives as the ICA Ambassador to Thailand to further connect your country to the worldwide gemstone community? Sinchawla: We recently organized a get-together for ICA members during the September Bangkok Show and it was very well attended by members from all over the world. Hosting the event also generates awareness about ICA and we have had many individuals who wanted to be part of ICA. We are planning to organize this event bi-annually during the Bangkok Shows in February and September every year. We also have plans to organize seminars in collaboration with member gem labs on new technologies and trends. There are a lot of women working in Thailand in the jewelry industry. Most of them are born in Thailand and some of them come from foreign countries. How have they contributed to the jewelry industry in Thailand and the world? (Note: give us the number if you have the information) Sinchawla: I am very proud of belonging to an industry that gives equal opportunities to both men and women. There has been a surge in the number of women in the jewelry industry over the last decade be it jewelry designers, gemologists, dealers, and retailers. Also the advent of social media and technology many more women are getting involved in the trade.

As a female leader in Thailand, what are the opportunities and challenges?

Sinchawla: As a female leader in the Gemstones industry in Thailand, one of the positive aspects is the increasing recognition and appreciation for women’s contribution in this field. With a growing emphasis on diversity and inclusivity, opportunities are expanding for women to break through traditional gender barriers and excel as leaders and entrepreneurs.

While the industry in Thailand is becoming more inclusive, there are still challenges that female leaders may face. Some of these challenges include cultural biases and societal expectations that may hinder women from advancing to leadership positions.

As a female leader in Thailand, how do you contribute to the equality of genders, and create more opportunities for development for women?


Sinchawla: I strive to be a role model for other women in the organization and beyond. I openly share my own experiences, successes, and challenges, and motivate others to embrace their potential, take risks and pursue their aspirations.

Overall, I aim to create an inclusive, gender-diverse culture that recognizes and appreciates the value and potential of women, while actively promoting their equal opportunities for growth and development within the Gemstone industry.


As a director of Sant Enterprises, how do you balance the daily business of the company and the work of ICA?

Sinchawla: To balance the daily business of the company and the work of ICA, I prioritize and delegate responsibilities effectively to ensure that the day-to-day operations of the company are running smoothly while also dedicating enough time and resources to the work of ICA. This involves setting clear goals and objectives for both areas and regularly assessing progress towards these goals. It is also important for me to stay informed of the latest developments in both the industry and the field of ICA to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.

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