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P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd.
'The One-Stop Silver Solution'

P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd. was founded in the year 2004 by Ms. Patthai Kotwicha, the Managing Director of the company. Based in Bangkok, Thailand.


Ms. Patthai Kotwicha

P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd., have built a solid reputation as a responsible and reliable silver jewelry business.


P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd. are a one-stop solution for OEM and ODM brand silver jewelry, and emphasize, as a matter of policy, that ‘the client’s success is our success.”


P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd. have a team of experienced professionals who offer jewelry consultancy and design services. With this degree of expertise, the company can deliver a finished product of the best quality at reasonable cost.


In jewelry, design is the key to success. To create the best design, P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd. as manufacturers offer a range of design-related services.


Firstly, the company can manufacture jewelry to the exact design and specification of the client.


Secondly, the client can select the designs from the P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd. range of existing designs in the company’s files (now more than 20,000 designs available and more to be added all the time).


Or thirdly, the client can work alongside the P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd. jewel design team, to create entirely new designs, special for that client.


Whatever the client’s choice, P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd. pride themselves on remaining flexible, and they can work with the client to move the client’s inspiration towards full scale production.


P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd. can translate the client’s concept thru sketches, CAD, mood books, or even from a ballpoint sketch on a cocktail napkin. ‘A jewelry professional never knows when the muse will strike, but once she does, P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd. will take it from there.’


P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd. aim to be a leader in the silver jewelry business in Thailand, with a world-standard organization that grows steadily and sustainably, through continuous development and efficiency.


For finished jewelry, quality is top priority. Quality must be excellent and consistent. At P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd., every piece is individually inspected, both during the manufacturing process, and as a completed product. P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd. are committed to being Thailand’s leader in silver jewelry, and this means striving to deliver the best quality silver jewelry at all times.


P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd. are committed to the project core values of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR, giving back something to the community and to society. For P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd. this means the executives and the employees donate effort and funds to charitable projects at various locations

nation-wide. Projects include constructing a school building, tree planting, zero waste, water management, covid awareness, nursing homes, safety campaigns, entrepreneurial projects, and charity donations, among others.

Of special note is that P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd is rewarded the Green Office Award for Outstanding Green Office (Silver Level) 2020-2023 by Department of Environmental Quality and complete the Higg Facility Environmental Module audit standard 2022-2023.


These awards are assuring that P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd recognizes environmental protection, energy savings, environmentally friendly office supplies. To prepare an internationally friendly prototype office. The company focuses on participants participating in environmentally friendly activities as well as the use of resources and energy in a valuable, economical and controlled way to maximize the benefits of each activity.


P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd. are at the forefront of innovation in the Thai silver jewelry industry. With long experience in the industry, P.K. Silver Group Co.,Ltd. are a recognized and trusted name. This ensures international standard quality of products, and excellent customer service, for each and every order of each and every client.


P.K. Silver Group Co., Ltd. today create beautiful silver jewelry in an ethical and sustainable manner, bringing happiness to jewelry lovers round the world.


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