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Fine Gemstones from Gemkok Co,.Ltd

Gemkok Co., Ltd. was established in Bangkok in the year 2012 by Mr. Darshan Patel (Danny), who brought with him over twenty years of experience in the gem and jewelry industry.

Gemkok is a specialist in a selected range of cut and polished gemstones. These include ruby, blue sapphire, and fancy sapphire among others. Gemkok is specialties in calibrated sizes and single stones. Gemkok brings passion and experience to the leadership and management of the company. Gemkok has established its reputation in the gemstone sector through its consistent assortment and its sourcing capabilities for fine stones. Gemkok is able to offer a wide range of specialty stones. This covers a broad selection of colors, shapes, and sizes, according to the client's exacting requirements.

The constant aim of Gemkok Co., Ltd. is to strive on every occasion to provide clients with the best quality gems at reasonable prices, and to build long-term business relationships with the clients.

Gemkok has a team of trained and experienced gemstone sorters and gem cutters. These specialists are able to select, sort and grade the calibrated sets of stones which are the central feature of Gemkok's reputation in the Bangkok gemstone business. Sorting gemstones is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks when matching gems for sets. No two stones are perfectly identical. All can vary slightly in hue, tone, saturation, and clarity. It is the very exacting task of the gem sorter to be responsible for selecting each stone to be as similar as possible to its adjacent stones. The Gemkok dedicated sorting team relies not only on their specialized training and exceptional skills but also on completely understanding the customers' requirements and knowing the standards of the industry.

Gem cutting is a skill and art which develops over many years of exacting training and experience. The Gemkok cutters team knows how to get a better polish and color from each stone they cut.

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