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“Jewelry Builds Happiness”

An exclusive interview of Ms Patthai Kotwicha, from the P.K. Silver Group Co,.Ltd.

Ms.Patthai Kotwicha

Quite a while back I came across a quote in google ‘Sometimes a moment is enough to drastically change your life. A moment of realization’.  Never have I expected to come across a person, and that too a jeweler, who has had a drastic change in mindset and lifestyle due to certain issue which they encountered in the past. Having gone through severe migraine, and being taken to the hospital via an ambulance several times, Ms Patthai had a moment of realization while laying in the hospital bed looking at the ceiling dejectedly, thinking the reason she bought this to herself is by neglecting her health, and needs to make immediate changes or her conditions will eventually deteriorate.

From then onwards, she embraced the lifestyle of strict discipline, making sure her meals are packed with nutrients, giving up soft drinks, exercising regularly, meditating, and never breaching her sleep routine. She is also very passionate about reading books especially while sunbathing in Huahin or Cha-am and playing golf. “I would rather spend money on luxurious hotels and enjoy the facilities provided instead of hospital wards and help boost the hospital’s income” jokes Ms Patthai. Following a rigorous routine has not only eliminated her migraine, but also increased her vitality and resilience as well as made her visions more clear and concise which is the reason of her accomplishing major success in life without many difficulties.   

Before being a successful jeweler, Ms Patthai worked in many different fields along with her friends. However, being competitive in nature, she decided to launch her own jewelry company (known as PK Silver Group Co,.Ltd) wanting to surpass her friends and colleagues. From over 18 years, PK Silver Group has been continuously producing alluring and meticulously crafted jewelry, which is known to bring happiness to her customers as every individual piece has a deep rooted story in its creation. In order to achieve this Ms Patthai has been attending classes on Friday and Saturday enrolling in a course regarding Thailand’s heritage, Art and culture at King Prajadhipok’s Institute. “This course has not only been exciting, but also very useful as it has broadened my horizon when it comes to creating a jewelry piece. For instance, a city like Ayutthaya, which features dozens of ruins, temples, and monuments from the city’s rich history - the challenge lies on how to produce jewelry which fits its particular history.” says Ms Patthai.

What would be your suggestion for someone looking to start-up a jewelry business? Ms Patthai: “Firstly if you’re looking to establish a jewelry business solely for the money – acquiring success won’t be easy. Loving this field unconditionally is a necessity. And make sure your jewelry pieces are attractive and possess incredible quality, so that the customers are immediately engaged and emotionally connected to your pieces. Also you should know which sector/demography you’re targeting. For instance, if you’re targeting the Generation Z, do not create something overly luxurious – create something minimal, yet stylish and modern. And if your focus is to create something for a newly wedded bride, then it’ll be the opposite.

Secondly start off with Spiritual beliefs jewelry as it is currently a trend. Plus, it is known to provide the wearer with excess energy, strength as well as make him/her very courageous. 

And try to be as creative as you can with the social media platforms. Your company profiles including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc ought to be distinctive and flamboyant – not dull and boring.”

Is this a good time to start-up a jewelry business?

Ms Patthai: “No. Not at the moment – as Thailand’s economy is not fully stabilized due to certain political issues. However in a year or two, you won’t be facing complications. Also there’re still a lot of sectors which hasn’t been penetrated as yet and with a unique idea as well as good market research and strategy, your business can accumulate a major reputation and success.”

Besides jewelry sector, do you have other interests/passion?

Ms Patthai: “Lots! I would like to form a community consisting of members who’re well-off/rich and be able to contribute to the society in many factors including charity work, or providing guidance to the SME owners and well as younger generations or novice jewelers so that they can strategize their business better and accumulate more revenue. Nevertheless, I’m still not satisfied, as my target is to help 10 million people attain success – a goal I’ve yet to fulfill.  Another interest includes Vegetation, growing lots of plants and spreading more greenery etc.”

Aside from P.K. Silver Group, OEM&ODM Jewelry Manufacturer Ms Patthai has another jewelry brand known as LEDA Jewelry Bangkok which was launched during the covid outburst. Manufacturing jewelry of brilliant quality with reasonable price is her business approach. For more information you can visit their website at the following link and

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