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NDC Diamond Report

20 Jun 2023

The Natural Diamond Council releases its 2023 report Diamond Facts, addressing myths and misconceptions about the diamond industry. A move in the ongoing competition between natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds.

Natural Diamond Council, the authoritative resource on natural diamonds, has released its 2023 analytical report entitled, Diamond Facts: Addressing myths and misconceptions about the diamond industry. Through this report, the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) has set out to address misinformation about both natural diamonds and laboratory-grown diamonds.

“In an age where consumers are more inquisitive and enlightened than ever, they wish to know about the values and responsible business practices from the companies and indeed the wider industry from which they are purchasing,” says David Kellie, CEO of the NDC. “At the Natural Diamond Council, we want to support consumers in taking informed decisions by providing information transparently.”

The report tackles common misconceptions about the diamond industry.

The findings of this analysis have been derived from a thorough review of a wide range of secondary research conducted by globally respected third-party organizations. Industry experts and independent sustainability advisors were also consulted on the topics covered.

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