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Defining Conflict Diamond

3 Feb 2024

The pressure is on for the Kimberley Process to review the definition of conflict diamonds.

The Kimberley Process today is under renewed pressure to review its definition of conflict diamonds as it concludes a closed meeting in Dubai.


KP Civil Society Coalition (KPCSC), the observer group of mostly African diamond-producing countries, says in a statement that such a move is long overdue, especially given Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


"Civil society is disappointed with the KP's inability to seriously examine its current and potential contribution to exacerbating or mitigating ongoing conflicts, in particular, Russia's war against Ukraine and the long-lasting conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR)," said Dr Michel Yoboue (pictured), KPCSC coordinator.

 "How can the KP be taken seriously if it can't even discuss the role of diamonds in financing the Russia-Ukraine war?"


Last November the KP plenary in Zimbabwe ended in deadlock over the closing communique, after prolonged and chaotic discussions.


"KPCSC has been advocating for KP reform for a long time and is concerned that the much-needed reforms will once again not get a fair chance," said Dr Yoboue.

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